Mushroom Avocado Noodles

What is the fascination with noodles?? All I know is that I can’t get enough – whether kelp, zucchini or yam flour – there are many healthy variations to choose from other than the standard gluten free grain based ones.  My go-to noodle for the cooler temps are either kelp noodles or pasta zero (yam flour) – both have great textures; for the warmer temps there is nothing like zucchini noodles!  Each of my recipes can be interchangeable – feel free to use the “noodle” of your choice. Below is a great kelp noodle recipe:

Rinse & drain noodles – set aside

Saute sliced portabello mushrooms in a bit of coconut oil, when tender add the noodles. Season with a few tsp of coconut aminos and gomasio.

I really love this for a light meal – the textures & flavors are great – earthy mushrooms, creamy avocado and salty gomasio & aminos.