Milk – Does it Do a Body Good?

Well the answer may be shocking to most of you but Milk certainly DOES NOT do a body good!  I grew up drinking a TON of milk, this is no exaggeration; I believe my parents bought a gallon specifically for me. I loved the stuff! Couldn’t get enough of it. I used to think it was the most wholesome food ever to exist. But then as I immersed myself into a healthier lifestyle I read some horrible claims (which later I knew to be facts) about my much beloved beverage.  I started to replace milk with Soy Milk (yea, yea yea, – NOT GREAT EITHER but it was a start). Let me put a new spin on milk that may just have you looking at it a different way.

What is Milk??

  • The maternal lactating secretion of female mammals.  All mammals, including humans are intended to be nourished during infancy by milk from THEIR MOTHER (i.e. breast milk).  Each species of mammal produces its UNIQUE type of milk designed specifically to strengthen the immune system and provide nourishment for thier babies – which are then weaned after their birth weight has approximately tripled.

Why Cow’s Milk?

  • Cow’s were chosen for their docile nature, size and abundant milk production. Cows just like any mammals produce milk for their young and most interestingly is that once a calve is weaned it will NEVER drink its mothers milk again – so WHY do we as humans feel that its OK to drink the milk that was specifically designed for a baby cow??

Why is this a bad thing? How does it endanger cows?

  • To get the most milk out of cows they are impregnated through artificial insemination yearly in order to keep their milk production high.
  • Calves are taken from their mothers a day within being born and the mother cows are hooked up to milking machines several times a day. Using genetic manipulation, powerful hormones and intensive milking cows are forced to produce 10x’s the amount of milk they would naturally.
  • A cow’s natural lifespan is 25 years BUT the cows used in the dairy industry are killed off in 4-5 years!!

Detrimental to human health? Just the FACTS

  • Despite what we’ve been led to believe milk is not the calcium rich drink its promoted as. It actually increases calcium loss from our bones
  • Dairy is highly mucus forming
  • Contributes to candida overgrowth, fibroids, PMS, reproductive issues, headaches, migraines, bowel disorders
  • Can cause bloating, stomach cramps, flatulence, respiratory problems, worsen arthritic conditions.
  • Thought to cause diseases such as diabetes and cancer (currently being researched)

So to sum it all up – humans are the ONLY species on earth that regularly and happily consumes the breast milk of another species! Consider this – what if instead of the cow another mammal was chosen – would you be ok drinking the milk of a cat? dog? horse? Do you get the idea? Human milk is for human infants, dogs’ milk is for puppies, cows’ milk for calves, cats’ milk for kittens and so on.