Superfoods to The Rescue

According to Wikipedia:

SUPERFOOD is the term sometimes used to describe food with high pyhtonutrient content that may confer health benefits as a result”

While this term has become a catch phrase for most “healthy” foods, the REAL SUPERFOODS are items that are more nutrient dense than the average.  I see the word “SUPERFOOD” being thrown around more and more.  As a society we’ve come soo far from what we view as food that the items that our ancestors ate daily (think grandparents – not that far back in time!!) are relegated to something “special.”  I’ve seen foods such as spinach, berries, mushrooms and even on occasion something like turkey(?), “whole grain” bread (??) or  red meat (???) with the overly used attachment of SUPERFOOD! In my opinion – with the exception of the bread, turkey & meat – these are everyday foods that we SHOULD be consuming! Fruits – such as berries and tomatoes or vegetables like kale, cabbage, onions and garlic should be part of a healthy well-rounded diet. Yes – they are chock full of vitamins & minerals but they aren’t the superstars that real & trueSUPERFOODS are. Most likely you’re not seeing the supefoods I’m speaking of in your corner grocery store! While they aren’t difficult to come by you will probably have to go to your local health food store or Whole Foods.  These foods are “AMAZING” they are really super nutrient dense, usually have multi healing purposes and also taste great!! As true superfoods are soo potent, many times the smallest dose is needed – little bit goes a long way – so no need to go gung ho.  My top picks for SUPERFOODS are:

1.  Goji Berries – jam packed full of nutrients; great source of protein as they contain 18 amino acids, including the 8 “essential” in addition to 21 trace minerals, TONS of beta carotene (more than carrots), vitamin C (more than oranges!), vitamins B1, B2, B6, vitamin E and IRON (more than a serving of steak). Strengthens the immune system touted as an anti – aging tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Its high ORAC value also means that it protects our cells from oxidative damage (aka: free radicals) – All of this in a small handful/day!

2.   Bee Pollen – This very concentrated low calorie “Food of the Gods” is loaded with Vitamins C & E making it a great choice for immune enhancement. Excellent source of Calcium, Iron, Potassium & Zinc and an especially rich source of B vitamins.  In addition to having a good amount of enzymes which assists with food digestion and mineral absorption, the  amino acids found in Bee Pollen control hunger, build muscle and burn calories. Also used to prevent acne & wrinkles and eliminates toxins.

3.   Raw Honey – A true healing superstar that is anti bacterial, anti viral AND anti inflammatory.  This liquid gold considered to be natures “multi vitamin” containing all the B vitamins, vitamin c and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sulphur and phosphate. Boosts energy, fights infections, colds, soothes stomach, is a natural calming agent. The most common use for raw honey is to defend against seasonal allergies.

4.   Chia Seeds/Oil – Tiny little seeds that delivers lots of results!!  Balances blood sugar and excellent source of Omega 3’s (more than salmon!). Seeds are a source of plant based protein, high in fiber, calcium, magnesium & zinc (among other minerals).  They also keep you hydrated and fill you up!

5.  Spirulina & Chlorella –  Super GREEN, superstar Micro Algae – the benefits of both of these are truly astounding. A few noteworthy ones are: ounce per ounce spirulina contains twelve times the digestible protein of beef and 300x’s the RDA of vitamin B12!! And phytochemicals found in chlorella can actually rebuild nerve damage in the brain and nervous system!! Spirulina & Chlorella are used to treat AND even reverse: hypoglycemia, arthritis, depression, liver damage, high blood pressure, inflammation and asthma just to name a few.  Both proven to detoxify, heal and alkalize the body.

6.  Sea Vegetables – The healing benefit of seaweeds have long been known by coastal cultures. Sea vegetables contain 10-20 times the vitamins and minerals of land vegetables. The minerals are available in chelated colloidal form that make them bio-available. Excellent source of Iodine and Vitamin K, loaded with anti inflammatory, anti cancer, anti thrombotic, anti coagulant and anti viral properties. Highly beneficial against female estrogen related cancers.

7.  Coconut Oil – Once given a bad rap for being a saturate fat, coconut oil is finally being praised for its multipurpose, health enhancing benefits such as hair & skin health, stress relief, maintain cholesterol levels, weight loss and thyroid support, high blood pressure, diabetes and even HIV and cancer! The natural anti bacterial, anti viral, anti microbial and anti fungal owe much of its healing powers is due to Lauric Acid, Capric Acid and Caprylic Acid.

8.  Quinoa – Ancient Incan food that is frequently mislabeled a grain but is actually a SEED!  Amino acid rich, complete protein with a mild, nutty flavor that has been proven to be beneficial against migraine headaches due to its high riboflavin content. A true “whole grain” filled with fiber with lots of versatility – perfect sweetened with dried fruit for breakfast or spiced up for dinner. Light in flavor with high protein and fiber – a great combination that will fill you up without weighing you down.