7 Easy Steps to Eradicate Cellulite

It is what some women consider to be the bane of their existence!  They employ various tricks to try to hide it, spot reduce it, cover it up and some even go through such extents of having it sucked out and even burned off!! The much talked about affliction is CELLULITE! It affects any age, shape and size!! Virtually anyone can have it.  Doesn’t matter if you’re thin as a rail or curvy, whether you’re a couch potato or gym rat and once you get it it’s a royal pain in the bum to get rid of it!! However, don’t lose hope because there is a surefire way to rid yourself of it for good!! First off – one must understand what cellulite is!  It’s basically toxins trapped in fat cells – that’s it, no “special kind of fat” like some would lead you to believe, it’s not due to a “malfunctioning body” either – it can be eradicated you just have to know HOW to fix it and fix it for good! Women are more prone to it due to our fluctuating hormones – too much estrogen allows us to store fat which is the main place toxins are stored! The first step is to stop taking in toxins that are causing it.  That would processed foods (especially wheat & dairy), cooked fats (which are basically rancid with the exception of a few) and sugars. You can go a step further and adopt an organic diet to further relieve your body of toxic burdens.  Then employ my 7 easy tips for eradicating cellulite and before you know it you’ll be proud to show off your body.

1. Flush out your body! – put down those diet sodas and coffee, they’ll only do more harm than good.  Pure fresh water, even better with a squeeze of lemon and if you’re so inclined a few fresh pressed juices and green smoothies (alkalinity is the key here.

2. Get your lymph moving – lymph is a clear fluid that carries waste & toxins out of the body – cellulite = waste, clear the waste and banish cellulite. Top ways to move  lymph is by walking, exercising on a rebounder and skin brushing

3. Clean up your diet – toxic foods = toxic bodies.  Choose unprocessed organic (if possible).

4. Brush brush brush – Every day you brush your hair and your teeth – now it’s time to brush you body! Dry Skin brushing is PHENOMENAL for detoxing the body and minimizing cellulite
5. Alkalize – fresh fruits and vegetables alkalize your body which in turn will keep it running smoothly – an alkaline body is lean, not puffy!

6. Get SUPER – infuse your body with high octane nutrients in the form of superfoods. Nutrient dense foods not only cleanse, alkalize and heal your body but will allow your body to get the most out of the foods you eat.

7. Put your skincare products on a diet! – shun chemical laden skincare and choose only natural, organic products.  Chemicals absorb through your skin, getting trapped in fat cell which in turn only make issues worse – chemicals promote fat & toxin storage, eliminate the vicious cycle.