My relationship with food:

I’ve always been fascinated by food and the effects of it on individual bodies.  As someone with multiple food allergies, from a young age I knew the detrimental effects certain foods can have.  I consider myself a lifelong student in the area of nutrition – from the very first health book I picked up at the age of 13 (Fit for Life) – I knew that food is powerful stuff!  It has the ability to heal as easily as it can harm.  Intuitively I know what works for me and others based on certain symptoms/issues. Food has gone beyond fuel, beyond simple pleasures – it is the source of healing, energy, vibrancy and health. The choices I make on a daily basis both nurture and sustain me.

How I can support YOU:

Your body knows what it needs to make it GLOW, achieve BALANCE, and resist the ravages of AGE.  With my assistance you can tap into your own intuition about your body.  This is not something that can be found in “cookie cutter” diet books or through restricting calories, spending countless hours in the gym or deprivation. IT IS about what will work for your individual chemistry.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, whether you “Live to Eat” or “Eat to Live” you can achievebalance, agelessness and true health.

Specialty Areas:

Women’s health ((imbalances,migraines, weight loss, pre & post natal nutrition) Hormone Imbalances (Endocrine, Thyroid, Adrenal Fatigue, Metabolic Syndrome) Digestive health (candida, leaky gut, food allergies) Chronic Conditions (Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia) Cleansing & Detoxification (juice fasting, cleansing diets, raw foods, superfood fasts)

My dirty little secret:

Well, not as salacious as it seems and not quite a secret to all.  Once upon a time I wasn’t so VIBRANT! My vibrancy was snatched away from me.  Post menopause hormones levels at 30!! 40lb weight gain in record time (guiness where are you?) – 7 weeks – ohh yes I did! Constant aches, pains, frustration, crying spells (big thank you to the big M aka Menopause).  This all while living an uber healthy enviable lifestyle.  HOW you may ask can an expert in the field of health allow such a thing to occur?  one word,one evil, deplorable, despicable word that answers to the calling of LYME- as in Lyme Disease! 10+ years undiagnosed while it ravaged by body, creating endocrine chaos.  This is the one thing that put my “powers” to the test – if I couldn’t fix me how could I fix others?  Well, fix I did.  I set out to work in balancing my hormones and creating vibrancy where there was none! It was during this time that I created and developed {out of pure necessity, of course} the super amazing body care line Perfect 10 Organics {my little detox in a bottle}.  When I finally received the Lyme diagnosis I, like any desperate person to be well,  put the power in the hands of my super competent alternative healer – but when we weren’t on the same page and after a year of treatment I was NO better I took back that power, took my diagnosis and decided that I was going to cure myself! Utilizing all my knowledge I put to the test everything I could on herbs, tonics, essential oils and soon conquered the ill gotten beast.  3 negative tests later I’m proud to let my secret out!

My shopping cart

Lots of GREENS – leafy greens (kales, chard, arugula, escarole, dandelions), Avocados, quinoa, apples, almond butter, sesame seeds (make the best nut milk EVER), lemons, young coconuts, goji berries, spirulina, wheatgrass, sunshine burgers, raw goat milk cheese, chia seeds, irish moss, hemp seeds, beets, butternut squash,  carrots, brown rice,  seaweeds, cucumbers, salmon, potatoes (sweets, whites, purples, reds!), coconut milk ice cream. herbal teas, green tea, coconut oil.


Nourish your entire body – through food, through activities that sustain us. Your body is a temple – nurture it. Insist on only the best.


Farmers Markets, dark chocolate, kundalini yoga, rebounding, juice fasting, Far Infrared Saunas, Vinyasa yoga


Ayurvedic, Raw Food, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bio-Individuality, Blood Type Diet, Natalia Rose, Organics, Slow Food, Locally Grown, Juice Fasting, Macrobiotics.

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