Vibrant Lifestyle Program


The Vibrant Lifestyle Program is a 6 – 8 month personalize program that will overhaul your health! This is THE one that will change your life! Together we will uncover obstacles that are holding you back from achieving a full, vibrant, healthy lifestyle.  I will assist you in healing and integrating new techniques that will have you living your healthiest life yet!

In 6 – 8 months you will:

  • Resolve your specific health concerns relating to you and your body
  • Eliminate or decrease symptoms of Chronic Health Issues – Lyme Disease, Candida, Hormone Imbalance, Thyroid and/or Adrenal disorders, etc
  • Maximize your diet by discovering which foods will work best
  • Allow you to achieve balance in your life and eliminate stress
  • Discover {Rediscover} true vitality

Clients learn to:

  • Set goals in an easy and accomplishable manner
  • Deconstruct and conquer cravings
  • Save time in the kitchen with healthy cooking strategies
  • Replace unhealthy foods with delicious health promoting choices
  • To tune in – by creating body awareness
  • How to prevent reoccurence of health conditions
  • Detox properly

The full program includes:

  • Ten hour long sessions  – in person, via phone, skype, etc with unlimited email support between sessions
  • Health food store with buying and nutrition tips
  • Detox & Cleansing programs
  • Detailed outlines of each appointment including recipes, recommendations and tips
  • Free samples of food and related health care products
  • 1 “extra” appt to use at your discretion within a year of completing The Vibrant Lifestyle Program.  Think of it like a “health tune up”
  • Free admission to all workshops/classes during the duration of your program
  • Choice of either AromaTouch Therapy ($160 value) (for local clients only) or Personalized Aromatherapy Consult ($150 value)

Investment – $2400 (Total sessions equals 12 if starting with Breakthrough Session; subtract $200 for cost of Health Food Store tour if distance client)

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