A La Carte Services

These can be used as a stand alone or as an addition to the complete or customized programs

  • Pantry Purge – What’s in your pantry? Sugared Cereals? Canned foods? Sounds like a whole lot of perservatives.  Let’s tackle the task and purge the bad while I show you how to  replace your old standbys for health enhancing products

  • Fridge Fix – Is your fridge overflowing with abundance or stale bread, last nights leftovers and condiments? Pull out the trash bag as I show you some great staples that no kitchen should be without.  You’ll learn simple substitutes for your faves and hopefully pick up a few soon to be faves.

  • Recipe Revamp – Have a recipe you just know is less than healthy?  Send it my way – I’ll make it 5 star worthy, easy to make and healthily delicious

  • Gluten ReBoot –  Learn to master the mystery of gluten free eating and cooking

  • Superfood Fast –  Nourish your body on a 3 – 7 day fast on pure, green superfoods. Lose weight, increase energy, sculp & tone

  • Candida Cleanse – Have you been duped that you need lots of willpower and gunky tasting supplements to balance your candida levels?  I have some surefire tips, a few food remedies and a staple supplement or two that will balance the most out of balance!

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