What you need to know :

About ME: Holistic Health Expert, Educator and Product Developer. Functional Nutritionist and Cleansing Specialist, and AromaTouch Therapist with a passion of helping individuals become their best self and walking them through their journey in finding optimal health.

About YOU: You’re FED UP, lost your vitality. FEEL older than you should, LOOK older than you should! You may be recovering from a chronic condition or your lifestyle habits have (finally) taken a toll on your body and health. Maybe you’re looking to balance your weight or your crazy whacked out hormones. You’re seeking VIBRANCE. You want to optimize your life with healing vibes and healing food!

Key Practice Areas include:

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Weight Management

  • Chronic Conditions (Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid/Adrenal imbalances, Food Allergies, Candida)

  • Athletes – Nutritional needs/energy enhancment

  • Children – Proper nutrition for growing bodies

Why work with me:

  • I have discovered and created the tools to teach you how to balance your hormones, achieve your perfect weight, create a positive body image, restore energy and lead a full vibrant life

  • Did I mention that holistic wellness is my PASSION? I eat, breathe, live it.  My ultimate goal is to get you well! Feeling your ultimate best – I don’t rest until you get the results you desire!

  • Each of my clients receives a highly individualized program based on their own personal needs, lifestyle and desired outcome and detailed outline sent to them after each & every appointment. You’re not in this alone! While I can’t guarantee results I can guarantee if you follow my programs you will get the results you want!

What my clients achieve:

  • My clients improve their life through a balanced approach to eating & lifestyle and are educated in “cellular cleansing” {THE key to VIBRANT health, emotional balance and mental clarity} This most effective way to achieve radiant health is accessible to all regardless of food identity {vegan, vegetarian, omnivore}

  • Healthy sustained weight loss

  • Decreased inflammation

  • hormone balance

  • Positive body image

  • Full Vibrant life

My Background:

 Nutrition, Sports Nutrition & Natural Foods.  I’ve studied with  top health & wellness experts in Integrative Medicine, Ayurveda, Functional Medicine and various dietary theories.  I’ve also personally studied under Natalia Rose (Detox Expert) and Viktoras Kulvinskas (“Father of the Raw Food Movement”/Co-Founder of Hippocrates Health Institute).  I developed the amazingly awesome line of products for Perfect 10 Organics – the only 100% Organic, Chemical Free, Raw Vegan bodycare line targeted to TEN of the most common “figure flaws” women face including cellulite, stretch marks & varicose veins.  Perfect 10 not only eradicates these flaws but works on the body at the cellular level to detoxify and prevent toxins from being stored.

Everything Angelina – want to know what inspires me? my faves and raves? what goes into being “ME” ? then dive deep here

Wholistic Living w/Angelina Helene


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